Anastasiya Bogdantseva

Anastasiya Bogdantseva – Sales Representative

After getting her degree in Business Law in Ukraine, Anastasiya moved to Toronto in 2002 to study Finance and Accounting at York University. Upon completion of her studies, Anastasiya proceeded to work in the Financial Services industry, working with the biggest Hedge Fund Managers in the world. One of her positions included working as an Assistant Vice President at State Street Bank and Trust Company.

Anastasiya’s passion for real estate investments and sales, combined with her desire to make a positive impact in people’s lives, is what ultimately led her to pursue a career in real estate. During her more than 10 year career in the financial services industry, she worked with some of the most demanding high-net-worth individuals and Hedge Fund clients. This experience prepared her for the fast paced and high pressure world of real estate where she aims to provide the best service for her clients in the competitive Toronto real estate market. Anastasiya is passionate about helping her clients finding the perfect home. She understands that buying, selling and investing in real estate can be very challenging and she spends the time with her clients to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible. Not only does Anastasiya have an eye for finding the right home for her clients but she has great attention to detail and exhibits an exceptional level of service.

Outside of real estate, Anastasiya enjoys cooking, travelling and spending time with her family. Above all she is a proud wife and mother. She and her husband are raising two wonderful girls.